Theatrical Sets

SilverWolf is active in Tulsa's theatre circles, and cares for many of the community's needs. While very familiar with the Tulsa Performing Arts Center and its staff, we can adapt to any venue, indoor or out, and are the best at creating your director's dream on your budget. Special effects are no stranger to SilverWolf's team, smoke, fog, special lighting, and more, we can handle it!

Event Decor

SilverWolf Productions is capable of providing for any need,

from small custom gift or decor pieces to full transformations. Here you see examples of work done for an array of clients including churches, community theaters, weddings, Halloween festivities and hay rides, community fund raisers, and more. Whether you need an indoor "outdoor" setting to avoid weather hassles, castles, Hobbit holes, giant fairy rings, hand-painted custom banners, or a 17 foot Smaug the Dragon with glowing eyes and smoking nostrils, we can do it!

Local, Versatile, Friendly

All of our projects and pieces are hand constructed and painted in our shop near Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our crew is friendly, dedicated, and want to see your visions become reality. All of our pieces are versatile enough to transition from the professional stage to the high school, from the stage to decor and from huge events to small ones. We are willing to create and deliver for temporary use, or for sale.

Cast, Characters, and Crew

Want a puppet show for a child's birthday party? What about dancers for a business gathering? Costumed characters to interact with your child or as the finishing touch to the decor? We have puppet characters like Alley McCat, and Smaug the Dragon, plus the capability to custom make more. We've even had a talking dolphin in a tank of water! Human characters have ranged from pirates, knights, and princesses to fairies and even Tibetan monks! We can rent out costuming too!

Living Art Project: The Pirate Ship Seawolf

Our pride and joy, the Seawolf is a 1/4 scale replica of an 18th century style sailing ship. The Seawolf and the Seapup, the 'Wolf's smaller sibling, have spent the last several years traveling to Renaissance Faires, starring at the Tulsa Zoo's HallowZOOeen fundraiser, and working with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The ship features a Historical Walk-Through designed to educate children and adults alike about both the romance and the reality of Golden Age pirates led by our very own pirate crew, each with their own character and quirks. To learn more about the Seawolf, click here.